I know my fictional names can be a bit challenging, so below is a list of pronunciations.

The stressed syllables are in all caps and bolded.

Characters are in BLUE, places are in GREEN, creatures are in RED, and others are in YELLOW.

  • Alernoa: uh-LAIR-know-uh

  • Aloyas: uh-LOW-yuhs(rhymes with fuss)

  • Aman: A-man

  • Asben: AS-been

  • Azol: ah-SOUL

  • Cinnaca: SIN-eh-cuh

  • Dayze: DAYS

  • Dolsiyot: DOLE-see-yaught

  • Domt: DAHM-tuh(clip the last bit)

  • Dreda: DRAY-duh

  • Drisgal: DRISS-gull

  • Effid: EH-fid(like the end of aphid)

  • Enema: in-EE-muh

  • Fapim: FAH-pim(rhymes with limb)

  • Fezam: fay-SAHM

  • Franick: FRAW(rhymes with draw)-knick

  • Fredish: FRAY-dish

  • Frelati: fray-LA-tea

  • Genevia: gin-A-vee-uh

  • Gessup: jeh-SUP

  • Gocyo: GAWK-ee-oh

  • Gomaca: go-MAH-cuh

  • Gurrunck: ger(beginning of girl)-UNK(rhymes with funk)

  • Hapal: huh-PAUL

  • Imaemaroza: EE-may-ee-muh-rose-uh

  • Kauli: CAW-lee

  • Kiem: key-AIM

  • Kiom: key-OME(beginning of omen)

  • Lazaf: la-ZAHF

  • Lefnode: LEF-no-d

  • Lela: LAY-luh

  • Lenaia: lin(rhymes with pin)-A-uh

  • Lonyi: LAWN-yee

  • Meufa: may-OO-fuh

  • Nalofré: neigh-low-FRAY

  • Nelkig: NELL-kig(rhymes with pig)

  • Nolem: KNOW-limb

  • Ocacek: OH-kuh-sec(beginning of second)

  • Omhemalam: ahm-HIM-uh-limb

  • Omsin: AHM-sin

  • Pilloop: pill-OOP

  • Quinsnap: QUIN(rhymes with pin)-snap

  • Reyulicos: ray-YOU-li(beginning of lick)-cos(beginning of coast)

  • Sallus: SAUL-us

  • Suta: SUE-tuh

  • Tiweln: tie-WELL-nuh(clip the last bit)

  • Traynord: TRAY-nord(rhymes with bored)

  • Treenix: TREE-knicks

  • Ulbig: UHL(beginning of ulcer)-big

  • Wefleca: WEH-fleck-uh

  • Wilksom Olem: WILK(rhymes with milk)-sum oh-limb

  • Xeenos: ZEE-knowse(rhymes with close)

  • Yappés: ya(beginning of yawn)-PES(beginning of pest)

  • Yima Olem: YEE-muh oh-limb

  • Yinafet: YIN-uh-fet(rhymes with pet)

  • Yuldos: YULE-dose


(on page 154)
The translation from Alzam (language of the elves) to Welnish (or English for us) will follow.


Ikam gsa wiif gi fezal juocl,
Fuhs na gi Ien wagomegoim,
Rli na gi Ien hera sezam,
Is, keh na gi Meufa.

ICK-ahm gi (g sounds like "shhh", i like ick)-SAW WE-eef GI (like beginning of gsa) FAY-sul (beginning of sulk) jew (j sounds like "shhh")-OH-cul (beginning of cult),

FOOZE GNAW GI e-AIN (like aim with an n) wah-GO-me-go-eem,

RLI (like shortening really) NA GI IEN HAIR-uh SAY-sahm,

EECE (rhymes with fleece) KAY NA GI may-OO-fuh.


Open the door to travel quickly,

Rush me to my destination,

Fly me to my safe haven,

Oh, pass me to Meufa.


This last word, Meufa, is the name of a continent that is the homeland of the elves. This word can be replaced with any place that the reciter wishes to visit. For my purposes, I generally replace Meufa with "my homeland", which is "Ien sezalem" in Alzam.


Map of Tiweln

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