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Silver Front Cover


Children's Fiction, Fiction/Fantasy/General

Trials await at every turn as a young elf journeys to rescue her wolf friend. With the help of a dreamer, the path to the trolls' dark tunnel is revealed. Join this magical quest to explore the lovely would of Silver.

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Check out this short trailer for Silver!


I know my fictional names can be a bit challenging, so below is a list of pronunciations.

The stressed syllables are in all caps and bolded.

Characters are in BLUE, creatures are in RED, and others are in YELLOW.

  • Aman: A-man

  • Beijin: BAY-jin

  • Dayze: DAYS

  • Deedo: DEE-doe

  • Hummle: HUM-uhl

  • Lefnode: LEF-no-d

  • Lela: LAY-luh

Silver General
Silver Pics
Silver Pronunciations
Pixie - Silver
Deedo - Silver
Lefnode - Silver
Silver & Hummle Tree - Silver
Dreamer - Silver
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