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Randor General

Savior of Randor, Master of Air

Young Adult, Fantasy

Savior of Randor Front Cover

A baby created in a night of sin,

Air is the gift with which he may win,

He will bring healing to all men,

But gone he will be for a total of ten.


It began with an infamous creation, followed by the rebellious trials of young adulthood. Then his years as a soldier were blighted by the charge of treason. Is it any wonder he became a pirate?


Eorian always felt torn in half – would his generous heart win out or his curious streak of mischief; would his need to fly outweigh the rationality of staying grounded?


Half human and half wisper, Eorian has had many struggles in his young life, but he is soon to realize that those minor potholes are to become deep chasms that he will need help to cross. A terror has swept throughout Randor, originating at the heart of his own beloved country of Sohsena. He cannot stand by as defenseless villages and peaceful communities are slaughtered by moving shadows and soldiers simply following orders.


But Eorian has never chosen the traditional path, and in this grand fight, he sees no reason to change. Although most see his chosen profession as notorious, he and his pirate crew are determined to protect their world from the evil that is spreading. The fight will not be easy; it will take friends from different backgrounds and a family he did not realize he had…but then, whenever has the war against tyranny been painless, especially when one has been prophesied as the Savior of Randor?

Check out this short trailer for the 2nd book!

Check out this short trailer for the 2nd book!

Map of Randor

Randor's Map

Triangle: Lydia   X: Breezen    CircleBrifeld    V: Verisome   Dot: Harris

Square: Creesa   Stars: Capitals of Cekogel on Sohsena and Soothsa on Hius Yifwa


I know my fictional names can be a bit challenging, so below is a list of pronunciations.

The stressed syllables are in all caps and bolded.

Characters are in BLUE, places are in GREEN, creatures are in RED, and others are in YELLOW.

  • Acentia: uh-SIN-shee-uh

  • Alernoa: uh-LAIR-know-uh

  • Alzam: AL-zahm

  • Aman: A-man

  • Asben: AS-been

  • Ashneer: ASH-near

  • Awta: AWE-tuh

  • Azol: AH-zole

  • Barro: BEAR-oh

  • Bayia: BAY-uh

  • Beecan: BEE-can

  • Breezen: BREEZE-inn

  • Brifeld: BRY-feld

  • Ceej: SEIGE

  • Cekogel: SEEK-oh-gel

  • Cirra: SEAR-uh

  • Clim: CLEM

  • Cryp: CRIP

  • Creesa: KREE-suh

  • Cual: COO-all

  • Dayze: DAYS

  • Deras: DARE-us

  • Dilo: DIE-low

  • Dohsyc: DOUGH-sick

  • Domweof: DOM-wee-off

  • Drisgal: DRIS- gull

  • Eorian: ee-OR-ee-an

  • Eydizum: EYE-di-sum

  • Falia: FALL-ee-uh

  • Fava Kaep: FAH-vuh KAY-epp

  • Feldan: FELL-dan

  • Fezam: fay-SAHM

  • Filootego: phil-OO-teh-go

  • Fracen: FRAY-sin

  • Frelati: fray-LA-tea

  • Gaip: GAY-ipp

  • Gallutam: GAL-uh-tam

  • Genevia: gin-A-vee-uh

  • Gregio: GREE-gee-oh

  • Grionia: gree-OH-nee-uh

  • Grov: GRAWV

  • Halán: huh-LAWN

  • Hius Yifwa: HIGH-us YIFF-wah

  • Imaemaroza: EE-may-ee-muh-rose-uh

  • Iwal: EYE-wall

  • Jano: JAH-noh

  • Kiem: key-AIM

  • Kenorin: KEN-or-inn

  • Kenorius: ken-OR-ee-us

  • Lishea: lih-SHAY-uh

  • Lamois: LAH-mose

  • Lela: LAY-luh

  • Lius: LEE-us

  • Meufa: MAY-oo-fuh

  • Nohaf Dosam: KNOW-hoff DOUGH-sum

  • Omwoe: OM-woe

  • Omwoen: om-WOE-inn

  • Quillion: QUILL-ee-on

  • Quintain: QUWIN-tane

  • Qooal Etti: COO-all EE-tea

  • Randor: RAN-door

  • Raef: RAY-eff

  • Relim: RAY-limb

  • Relis: RAY-liss

  • Rida: REE-duh

  • Riffa: RIFF-uh

  • Roas: ROW-us

  • Roddin: ROD-inn

  • Rona Dol: ROW-nah DOLL

  • Senian: SIN-ee-an

  • Silwick: SILL-wick

  • Slaq: SLAWK

  • Soothsa: SOOTH-suh

  • Sohsena: SEW-sin-uh

  • Surrea: SIR-ee-uh

  • Theius: THEE-us

  • Tiweln: tie-WELL-nuh(clip the last bit)

  • Tohsa: TOE-suh

  • Unai: OO-nigh

  • Uratia: yur-AY-shuh

  • Verisome: VAIR-ih-sum

  • Waes Sol: WAY-ess SOUL

Randor Map
Randor Pronunciations
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