Payments & Policies

Payments are processed primarily through Square, but PayPal is also utilized. All transactions are processed in USD currency. Paperbacks are $15, and hardbacks are $25. Shipping will be calculated as an additional cost.

Delivery will be made after receipt of payment. Stock on hand is not extensive, so additional time may be required to have copies printed to fulfill your order. Printing often takes at least two (2) weeks, and then the books have to be shipped to the author prior to shipping to the customer. We will inform customers if on-hand stock is too low to meet the order and additional time will be required before delivery can be made.

If a book is damaged, we will provide a replacement. Refunds will only be granted in the event we cannot fulfill the order. Orders can only be cancelled prior to shipment with the exception of personalized books.

We do not accept payment through this website but will send electronic invoices for payment after receiving your emailed request. Customers will be responsible for entering their payment through the Square or PayPal payment processing center, so no payment information will be handled by the Bek's Books, LLC (the author's single member LLC). Name and address information provided for shipping purposes will not be shared.

The following payments are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Through the Square mobile app, Apple Pay and Google Pay are also available.