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Faencina's Hope, Water's Maiden

Young Adult, Fantasy

Faencina's Hope Front Cover

Born to wealth and title high,

Water flows at her beck and cry,

When evil comes, she shan’t stand by,

A lasting alliance they all must try.


Spoiled is an understatement for the heir to Faencina’s throne, but why should she be any different? She will soon be the ruler of her entire planet, and she is the prophesied one that has control over the water in which all her people live. However, there is one drawback. Her parents are enforcing a betrothal to a frightful man, one who is not of their world and makes claims of being a human. Diahyas seems to be the only one that sees something sinister in him, but she can think of no argument to change her parents’ minds.


When more strange humans stumble onto her planet, Diahyas finally sees a way out. Unfortunately, these two are focused only on finding a way back home…that is, until the revolution began.


Mermaids start fighting against mermaids, and the ultimate goal is to overthrow the current rulers. Although she initially believes herself capable of easily overcoming anything, Diahyas soon realizes that she will need some help. Despite her haughty treatment of them, Diahyas’ two humans offer their assistance, but they require some help in return. If they free Faencina from its current menace, then Diahyas and her mermaid army must fight in Randor’s war.


Her decision will determine the outcome on two worlds. This water maiden is Faencina’s only hope.

Check out this short trailer for the 3rd book!


I know my fictional names can be a bit challenging, so below is a list of pronunciations.

The stressed syllables are in all caps and bolded.

Characters are in BLUE, places are in GREEN, creatures are in RED, and others are in YELLOW.

  • Abinos: A (a sounds like apple)-ben-ohs

  • Acentia: uh-SIN-shee-uh

  • Alernoa: uh-LAIR-know-uh

  • Aman: A-man

  • Asben: AS-been

  • Ashneer: ASH-near

  • Bailena: BAY-lin-uh

  • Barro: BEAR-oh

  • Beklos: BECK-lohs

  • Boinlas: BOYN-lahs

  • Boran: BORE-an

  • Cekogel: SEEK-oh-gel

  • Cerinos: SEAR-in-nohs

  • Clearion: CLEAR-ee-on

  • Clim: CLEM

  • Cloos: CLUES

  • Coatin: co-AT-inn

  • Curno: KURR-noh

  • Damos: DAY-mohs

  • Dayze: DAYS or DAZE

  • Dehga: DAY-guh

  • Deras: DARE-us

  • Diahyas: die-uh-HIGH-us

  • Dohsyc: DOW-sick

  • Eorian: ee-OR-ee-an

  • Equinus: EH-qwin-us

  • Eydizum: EYE-di-sum

  • Faencina: fay-INN-cee-nah

  • Felias: FEEL-ee-ahs

  • Fezam: fay-SAHM

  • Filootego: phil-OO-teh-go

  • Firnan: FUR-nan

  • Fracen: FRAY-sin

  • Frateena: fruh-TEE-nah

  • Frelati: fray-LA-tea

  • Gallutam: GAL-uh-tam

  • Genevia: gin-A-vee-uh

  • Geola: gee-OH-lah

  • Giani: gee-AH-nee

  • Grionia: gree-OH-nee-uh

  • Grov: GRAWV

  • Heroshi: her-OH-shee

  • Hius Yifwa: HIGH-us YIFF-wuh

  • Imaemaroza: EE-may-ee-muh-rose-uh

  • Jano: JAH-noh

  • Jhen: GIN

  • Juris: JER-iss

  • Kenorin: KEN-or-inn

  • Kessa: KESS-uh

  • Kiem: key-AIM

  • Kolaat: CO-lot

  • Krisleen: CHRIS-leen

  • Leeyan: LEE-an

  • Lela: LAY-luh

  • Lishea: lih (beginning of lick)-SHAY-uh

  • Lius: LEE-us

  • Lonyi: LAWN-yee

  • Luik: LOO-ick

  • Measine: ME-uh-sign

  • Meufa: may-OO-fuh

  • Mers: MARES

  • Mia: MEE-uh

  • Nasada: nuh-SAH-duh

  • Niev: nee-EHV

  • Nohaf Dosam: KNOW-hoff DOUGH-sum

  • Olis: OH-liss

  • Olos: OH-lohs

  • Omwoe: OM-woe

  • Pilloop: pill-OOP

  • Planos: PLAH-nohs

  • Qo: KWO

  • Raef: RAY-eff

  • Raemos: RAY-mohs

  • Randor: RAN-door

  • Relim: RAY-limb

  • Relian: RAY-lee-an

  • Relis: RAY-liss

  • Rida: REE-duh

  • Riffa: RIFF-uh

  • Roas: ROW-us

  • Sea-ena: see-INN-uh

  • Si Dienoss: SEE DEE-inn-oss

  • Sohsena: SEW-sin-uh

  • Soothsa: SOOTH-suh

  • Surrea: SIR-ee-uh

  • Suta: SOO-tuh

  • Tapis: TAP-iss

  • Tiweln: tie-WELL-nuh(clip the last bit)

  • Traynord: TRAY-nord(rhymes with bored)

  • Ubinius: oo-BEN-ee-us

  • Uratia: yur-AY-shuh

  • Wefleca: WEH-fleh-cuh

  • Wilksom Olem: WILK-sum OH-limb

  • Wynedor: WIN-ih-door

  • Xina: ZEE-nuh

  • Yana: YAWN-uh

  • Yuens: YOU-inns

  • Zilcemi: zil-SEE-me

  • Zuroquet: ZER-oh-ket

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Faencina Pronunciations

Map of Faencina

Faencina's Map

DotSmall airdomes    StarMeeting place by river    VHemlon, Yuen village

Circle: Summer home    XFirst meeting place of Revolution

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