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Zilcemi's Healer, Fire's Mistress
Young Adult, Fantasy

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Alone in the world, searching for her place,

With gift of flame, the truth she’ll chase.

Forging the link that will save a race,

If events resolve with all due haste.


Left behind by her family, a young kinz, notable for her feline features, must navigate the world alone. The challenges faced are many, but her friends are always there to aid her over each hurdle. However, when her past unexpectedly reveals itself, the answers she had long searched for are far outweighed by the many new puzzles that must now be solved.


Beyond that, the humans have now decided to go to war with the kinz. She had always believed herself to be unimportant, yet everyone is looking to her. Can she help her family? Can she resolve the conflict between races? Can she mend her own broken self? Somehow, she has to find a way because according to her clan, she is Zilcemi’s Healer.

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I know my fictional names can be a bit challenging, so below is a list of pronunciations.

The stressed syllables are in all caps and bolded.

Characters are in BLUE, places are in GREEN, creatures are in RED, and others are in YELLOW.

  • Alimen: AL-eh-men

  • Allegro: Uh-LEG-row

  • Alta: ALL-tuh

  • Aman: A-man

  • Ashneer: ASH-near

  • Bemton: BIM (rhymes with limb)-tun

  • Bibette: Bib-ETT

  • Biqueti: bi (start of big)-KET (start of kettle)-y

  • Boma: BOW (hairtie)-muh

  • Buamin: BOO-ah-men

  • Burlan: BURR-lan

  • Caralvan: CARE-ull-van

  • Caro: CARE-oh

  • Cerinos: SEAR-in-ohss

  • Ciena: sea-in-uh

  • Cual: COO-all

  • Cuali: COO-all-y

  • Dan: (start of Daniel)

  • Dehga: DAY-guh

  • Devlin: DEV-len

  • Diahyas: die-uh-HIGH-us

  • Dinnela: din-NELL-uh

  • Doven Gyleck: DOE-vin GUY-leck (rhymes with neck)

  • Dualé: doo-uh-LAY

  • Dynna: DIN-uh

  • Eliosa: EEL-ee (like free)-oh-sah

  • Eorian: ee-OR-ee-an

  • Faencina: fay-IN-sea-nuh

  • Fezam: fay-ZOM (rhymes with bomb)

  • Fohisaf: FOE-hee-saff (rhymes with laugh)

  • Frelati: frey-LAH-tee

  • Fryso: FRY-soh

  • Furyon: FYER (start of fury)-ee-on

  • Fuyin: FOO-yin

  • Ganea: GUH-nee-uh

  • Gemnal: GYM-null

  • Gemun: GEE-mun

  • Genevia: gin-AY (rhymes with yay)-vee-uh

  • Gerude: Jer-ROOD

  • Givani: Jih-VAUH-nee

  • Harmoni: HAR-moan-ee

  • Hauna: HA (like laughter)-Nuh

  • Hentz: Hints

  • Hinnon: HEN-nun

  • Hiva: HEE-vuh

  • Imaemaroza: EE-may-ee-muh-rose-uh

  • Isle of Saung: Isle of Song

  • Junal: June-ALL

  • Jannett: Jan-NET

  • Kaila: KI (beginning of kite)-luh

  • Keenil: KEY-nill

  • Kinna: KEN-uh

  • Klef: Clef (rhymes with chef)

  • Kopak: COH-pack

  • Kordz: Chords

  • Kri Juri: Kree JER-ie

  • Kri Plume: Kree Ploom

  • Kurny: KER-nee

  • Laurel: LAW-rel

  • Lionen: LEE-oh-ninn

  • Longire Elia: LAWN-shjire (rhymes with fire) EEL-ee-uh

  • Loupagil: LOOP-uh-gill

  • Lylt: Lilt

  • Lyrix: LEER-icks

  • Macefir Lora: MASS-ih-fur LORE-uh

  • Meera: MEER-uh

  • Melodi: MELL-oh-dee

  • Metranil: MEH-truh-nill

  • Mezzo: MEH-zoh

  • Nilo: NIGH-low

  • Niro: NEAR-oh

  • Nottoll: not-TOLL

  • Olivari: OLIVE-are-ee

  • Kiem: key-AIM

  • Ocalems: OCK-uh-limbs

  • Porio: POOR-ee-oh

  • Raef: RAY-eff

  • Randor: RAN-door

  • Riffrayn: RIFF-rain

  • Rivadil: RIV (beginning of river)-uh-dill

  • Ronan: ROW-nan(rhymes with man)

  • Ropick: ROW-pick

  • Sennisal: SIN-ih-sul

  • Sieporagiatum: SEE-uh-por-uh-gee-ATE-umm

  • Sterles: Stirls

  • Syka: SIGH-kuh

  • Thamin: THAY (shymes with slay)-men

  • Tiweln: Tie-WELL-nuh (clip the last bit)

  • Tret: Treht

  • Tryl: Trill

  • Trysle: TRY-sul

  • Unia: OON-ee-uh

  • Uratia: yur-AY (rhymes with yay)-shuh

  • Veera: VEER-uh

  • Vern: Vurn (rhymes with turn)

  • Verwin: VUR-win

  • Xie: Zee

  • Yenik: YIN-ick

  • Zilcemi: zill-SEE-mee

  • Zypi: Zippy

  • Saurika: saw-REE-kuh

  • Tiweln: tie-WELL-nuh(clip the last bit)

  • Tym: Tim

  • Whinn: When

  • Willaf: WILL-uhf

  • Winna: WIN-uh

  • Zilcemi: Zill-SEE-mee

  • Zillon: ZI (rhymes with eye)-lawn


Map of Zilcemi

Zilcemi Map.png