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Legend of Ashneer Front Cover

Legend of Ashneer, Creature of Darkness

Young Adult, Fantasy

A touch transforms the babe within,

Darkness hides beneath pale skin,

With power over the minds of men,

Will he save or forsake his kin?


How does a young, idealistic child grow up to become the ruthless invader of Imaemaroza? It starts with a witch. Meet the child who befriends a dragon, pulls a siren from his self-imposed social isolation, strives to make the dreams of the one he loves come true…all the while growing into the powerful man deemed to be the great evil the essences must come together to defeat.


Before then, though, he must survive on his own world. Shadows threaten the well-being of all the inhabitants on Ashneer, but arrows cannot pierce them, nighttime fully hides them, and humans can become them. With all other efforts failing, the leaders begin to realize that to fight their enemy, it may just take another creature of darkness.

This is the story of Bemton before he became Fezam on Tiweln, Raef on Randor, and Dehga on Faencina. This is the story of the Legend of Ashneer.

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Check out this short trailer for the 4th book!


I know my fictional names can be a bit challenging, so below is a list of pronunciations.

The stressed syllables are in all caps and bolded.

Characters are in BLUE, places are in GREEN, creatures are in RED, and others are in YELLOW.

  • Alimen: AL-eh-men

  • Allegro: Uh-LEG-row

  • Alta: ALL-tuh

  • Aman: A-man

  • Ashneer: ASH-near

  • Bemton: BIM (rhymes with limb)-tun

  • Bibette: Bib-ETT

  • Biqueti: bi (start of big)-KET (start of kettle)-y

  • Boma: BOW (hairtie)-muh

  • Buamin: BOO-ah-men

  • Burlan: BURR-lan

  • Caralvan: CARE-ull-van

  • Caro: CARE-oh

  • Cerinos: SEAR-in-ohss

  • Ciena: sea-in-uh

  • Cual: COO-all

  • Cuali: COO-all-y

  • Dan: (start of Daniel)

  • Dehga: DAY-guh

  • Devlin: DEV-len

  • Diahyas: die-uh-HIGH-us

  • Dinnela: din-NELL-uh

  • Doven Gyleck: DOE-vin GUY-leck (rhymes with neck)

  • Dualé: doo-uh-LAY

  • Dynna: DIN-uh

  • Eliosa: EEL-ee (like free)-oh-sah

  • Eorian: ee-OR-ee-an

  • Faencina: fay-IN-sea-nuh

  • Fezam: fay-ZOM (rhymes with bomb)

  • Fohisaf: FOE-hee-saff (rhymes with laugh)

  • Frelati: frey-LAH-tee

  • Fryso: FRY-soh

  • Furyon: FYER (start of fury)-ee-on

  • Fuyin: FOO-yin

  • Ganea: GUH-nee-uh

  • Gemnal: GYM-null

  • Gemun: GEE-mun

  • Genevia: gin-AY (rhymes with yay)-vee-uh

  • Gerude: Jer-ROOD

  • Givani: Jih-VAUH-nee

  • Harmoni: HAR-moan-ee

  • Hauna: HA (like laughter)-Nuh

  • Hentz: Hints

  • Hinnon: HEN-nun

  • Hiva: HEE-vuh

  • Imaemaroza: EE-may-ee-muh-rose-uh

  • Isle of Saung: Isle of Song

  • Junal: June-ALL

  • Jannett: Jan-NET

  • Kaila: KI (beginning of kite)-luh

  • Keenil: KEY-nill

  • Kinna: KEN-uh

  • Klef: Clef (rhymes with chef)

  • Kopak: COH-pack

  • Kordz: Chords

  • Kri Juri: Kree JER-ie

  • Kri Plume: Kree Ploom

  • Kurny: KER-nee

  • Laurel: LAW-rel

  • Lionen: LEE-oh-ninn

  • Longire Elia: LAWN-shjire (rhymes with fire) EEL-ee-uh

  • Loupagil: LOOP-uh-gill

  • Lylt: Lilt

  • Lyrix: LEER-icks

  • Macefir Lora: MASS-ih-fur LORE-uh

  • Meera: MEER-uh

  • Melodi: MELL-oh-dee

  • Metranil: MEH-truh-nill

  • Mezzo: MEH-zoh

  • Nilo: NIGH-low

  • Niro: NEAR-oh

  • Nottoll: not-TOLL

  • Olivari: OLIVE-are-ee

  • Kiem: key-AIM

  • Ocalems: OCK-uh-limbs

  • Porio: POOR-ee-oh

  • Raef: RAY-eff

  • Randor: RAN-door

  • Riffrayn: RIFF-rain

  • Rivadil: RIV (beginning of river)-uh-dill

  • Ronan: ROW-nan(rhymes with man)

  • Ropick: ROW-pick

  • Sennisal: SIN-ih-sul

  • Sieporagiatum: SEE-uh-por-uh-gee-ATE-umm

  • Sterles: Stirls

  • Syka: SIGH-kuh

  • Thamin: THAY (rhymes with slay)-men

  • Tiweln: Tie-WELL-nuh (clip the last bit)

  • Tret: Treht

  • Tryl: Trill

  • Trysle: TRY-sul

  • Unia: OON-ee-uh

  • Uratia: yur-AY (rhymes with yay)-shuh

  • Veera: VEER-uh

  • Vern: Vurn (rhymes with turn)

  • Verwin: VUR-win

  • Xie: Zee

  • Yenik: YIN-ick

  • Zilcemi: zill-SEE-mee

  • Zypi: Zippy

  • Saurika: saw-REE-kuh

  • Tiweln: tie-WELL-nuh(clip the last bit)

  • Tym: Tim

  • Whinn: When

  • Willaf: WILL-uhf

  • Winna: WIN-uh

  • Zilcemi: Zill-SEE-mee

  • Zillon: ZI (rhymes with eye)-lawn

Ashneer General
Ashneer Map
Ashneer Pronunciations

Map of Ashneer

Ashneer's Map

CircleSennisal   Dot: Cuali   X (from left to right): Unia, Junal, Thamin   Square: Ganea

Star: Dinnela   Wavy LinesDoven Gyleck   Cross: Devlin   Triangle: Furyon

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